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* This is a New Adult Contemporary Romance with Mature content that is not suitable for younger readers.

Riviera Benson’s past has been nothing but horrific. It’s filled with secrets that she intends to keep tightly locked away...terrifying secrets that keep her awake at night...that prevent her from getting close to anyone...anyone that is, until her work as a muralist drives her into the arms of the hot and sexy Shan.

Benjamin Shandon, owner of Shandon Homes, works like a thousand demons are chasing him...because perhaps they are. His business has boomed, ever since the forest fire swept through the canyon and destroyed hundreds of million dollar homes. He demands excellence in everything...from his employees to his women. He slows down for nothing, keeping a schedule that no sane person would want. But Riviera interrupts everything, twisting his guts inside out, and wedging her way into his heart, destroying a promise he made to himself.

Will they let their pasts control their future, or will they decide to let go and allow their hearts to discover each other’s


The Romance Vault's Verdict: ♥♥♥♥♥ Crushingly heartfelt hearts!

First I've got to say that 390 pages for 49p was excellent value for money, secondly I'll have to say that 390 pages went rather quickly, it's a read you find you don't want to put down. This is a read that absorbs you in straight away. You feel each and every blow from Jasper towards to Riv and you feel her absolute terror when faced with an angry Shan and other situations. God but Riv's character was written pretty much flawlessly, same too for Shan, heck all the characters you come across reach your brain loud and clear. Some might argue that Riv's trauma was dragged out, I would absolutely disagree, I felt each and every episode was relevant not knowing how she was going to deal with certain things added to the angst.

As for the sex scenes, well what can I say, written well and sexy as hell; as was their blossoming romance.

The start of the this book totally grabs you, well it did me. Marsha Sue has your palm twitching for some action, Shan has your head shaking at his temper, Jasper has your mouth wide open at what he is doing and Riv has your eyes watering from what's she dealing with and then recovering from.

The middle of this book though nearly lost half a star for me, it kinda dragged a little, not a great deal but I did feel it slowed up just a smidge, but I love this story too much to knock a star off. The last quarter picked right back up again and although you knew what was coming really, it didn't detract at all from the fact it wasn't a surprise, my only gripe would be I don't think the it was fully wrapped up how it should have been, there were some trails left open and I didn't like that but that's my preference I like everything wrapped up and no stones left unturned. So that left me wondering could there possibly be a book 2 on the horizon?

I definitely look forward to reading more from this author.


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