Author's setting their prices.............

01/11/2013 10:48

In my inbox this morning was a newsletter from an author I follow whose books I have really enjoyed immensely.  But what caught my attention this morning was the price I noticed she has set for her latest New Adult book.  I understand when authors migrate from their original genre, as this author usually writes about fae and paranormal, her last three books though have been New Adult and slowly but surely her prices have steadily increased with each new New Adult release.

So how do you feel when a favourite author of yours begins to price her books outside of your budget range?  Me; quite simply it makes me cross.  I know that New Adult versus Fae will sell a lot more, the audience is by far bigger but surely because of this why does the price have to increase?  Are the public being penalised for liking to read an angsty sexy romance instead of clever world building paranormal?   But then is that bad of the author to assume that we'll buy more sexy reads than clever world building novels?  Actually no because sadly it's true, sex does sell more, but what is my biggest problem with all of this is why increase the price just because you know it will sell more?  This actually turns me off an author and sadly I won't be buying anymore of this author's work unless it goes on offer or I can get second hand paperbacks which will be half the price or be priviledged to a review copy to read.

So again I ask how do you feel about authors increasing their prices for New Adult books?  In this instance the author's original Fae books were £2.99 a piece, a price I am happy to pay considering I will read her books within usually 4-5 hours of starting them.   But this new book is priced at £5.19, too costly for me for 290 odd pages that will take me less than half a day to read.  I also noticed though that if I purchase this book at Barnes and Noble I can buy it for $4.99 so that begs another question why is the UK priced higher anyway!

Let us hear what you think below, I am really interested to see if you feel the same or actually don't care if the author's prices creep up, because you love her writing style you'll continue to pay whatever to get your hands on their books............

Author's pricing; Yes or no to increasing their prices