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STAND ALONE NOVEL. Sawyer's story from The Art of D/s trilogy.

This book is intended for adult readers 18+. Contains detailed EROTIC sexual encounters, moderate BDSM themes, ménage and PROFANITY.

Reliable, trustworthy, loyal to a fault - Sawyer is the kind of man other men want to be; a real man's man. But behind the facade of a his tough exterior and deadly silence hides a strong, tortured man with dark secrets. Always content to be in the shadows, now is the time of his sexual awakening.

When Sawyer realized that there were women who unabashedly wanted to be dominated and controlled, and there was a world that embraced such things as domination and submission - everything seemed to fall into place. Tired of pretending to be someone he wasn't and suppressing his dominant tendencies, he takes the leap into the world of BDSM under the guidance of his friend and mentor, never to look back.

But the dark past and his heinous actions are hard to forget and even more difficult to leave behind. Will he be able to move forward and become the man he yearns to be?

This is Sawyer's journey into becoming Dominant, Master, Sir.

The Romance Vault's Verdict - ♥♥♥♥♥ Yes Sir-eee! 5 masterly earned hearts

"Beauty. Inspiration. Intelligence. Mine."

The added bonus to Becoming Sir was the fact it was soooo good to catch up with Isa and Dylan again. I've missed them and their Sado/Macho relationship. It was great having them supporting Sawyer and Snowflake.

This is all about Sawyer though and Sadism is totally not his kink preference, he shys away from anything that can be deemed dealing pain or hurtful. But he's on a journey to train as a Dom and some of what he is asked to do doesn't always sit well with him.

Then there is Snowflake, god I really related to this girl, I could feel the immense pull she felt from Sawyer but I also (because I have absolutely nothing to do with the BDSM scene other than reading it) felt so compassionate towards her as she had to live with his training with Ciara and other girls too. I could so understand her dilemma.

When Sawyer was off with Ciara and Kate and indeed Isabel I squirmed, in my eyes that's cheating but then how could it have been when he wasn't actually in a relationship with anybody. Arghhh it was a complete MindF... to my little ole head and I loved it!

Ella pens powerful Dominant/Submissive books and by jeepers this one is pretty darn perfect too. For an author to bring so many emotions to the forefront whilst reading, from your disagreement, your shock, your enjoyment, your anger, your eyes being opened to this erotic world. Yes it's all done very 'in your face' Ella doesn't hold back with her scenes and her scenarios but if you can handle/like and love explicit storytelling then without a doubt you are going to absolutely love this addition to her arsenal.



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