Elodie Parkes - The Old Star

09/10/2013 09:14

After devouring Aleatha's excellent trilogy I think something paranormal is called for and a quickish read which this will be at only 140 pages long.


She was looking for new office space...but it found her…what’s hidden in this spooky place?

When Cathy Faraday goes out from her office to buy morning tea, a set of circumstances send her on a different route from the one she would normally take. Waiting on a street unknown to her is a house. Old and left to fade away the house looks shabby against its neighbors. The whole row of houses are now offices and Cathy sees a ‘for let sign’ outside the place. Something draws her to the house. Someone watches from the third floor window.
Cathy applies to rent the building to expand her dating agency business. As she begins to make it ready, the house reveals its secrets.
Erotic paranormal romance, set in contemporary England this story will haunt you.


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