Jamie Begley - Vipers Run - ♥♥♥♥♥ (The Last Riders #2)

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Winter Simmons received the surprise of her life when she discovered the man she had been dating for the last two years was actually Viper, president of the Last Riders. A high school principal, Winter has no intention of ruining her reputation in the community to be with a man who betrayed her trust. Unforgiving, she turns her back on him, only to find that Viper is not the gentleman he portrayed.

Determined to find his brother’s killer, Loker James kept his identity as President of The Last Riders a secret from Winter. When the truth comes out, he is determined to make her see the real man who can control not only a group of dangerous bikers, but a woman whose life is a rulebook. Unable to prevent herself from being drawn into the very club she despises, Winter is about to lose everything important to her, unless Viper can prove she’s more than a moonlight run.






The Romance Vault's Verdict - ♥♥♥♥♥ Presendential Spangled Stars!

Whilst I have moments in this book that are truly OTT sex wise, there is something about Jamie Begley and the way she brings the Last Riders to life that grabs you and holds you in the world of their world. This books is massively better grammar wise that book 1, so I thank you Jamie for taking the time, care and attention to bring it up to a much better standard.

I had times when I really wanted to 'slam the pages shut' if I could but I was reading on my kindle when I thought that Winter really should have stuck to her guns and given Viper what for, for the way he treated her as Loker for two years. I woanted her to no way remain at the clubhouse after the way it was manipulated that she ended up there when she was recovering but I suppose all the tension added to the story. I wanted to smack Viper many times with his dominating attitude, he always managed to turn it around and make Winter think things his was which was a tad annnoying.

I liked the little twist with who had beaten her up, I didn't like the girl gang too much, they were far too crass and bimbo-ish for my liking. But then I get there are people like that in the world that really don't give a hoohah what people think of them, in real like I avoid people like that so I suppose it's good to read them without having to meet them!

Can't deny I like Jamie's books, looking forward to reading Knox's Stand, I've been waiting to read this till I could read two in a row and get my biker fix for a bit longer. It's a lifestyle I never want to be in but I can't deny I like to get my fix reading about it, whether it is true to life or not I don't care, I just like it. Yeah it's OTT, it crude, crass and a sexfest with woman who are questionable at how they are allowing themselves to be treated but it's oddly addictive because it's so far removed from what I'll ever experience - thank God!


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