JB Salsbury - Fighting to Forgive ♥♥♥♥♥ (Fighting Series #2)

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What do you do when everything you avoid, turns out to be exactly what you need?

Easy and predictable, just the way he likes it, Blake Daniels flies through life the way he burns through women: on his terms, no regrets.

With his fighting career in full swing, he's on the threshold of title contention. But when his training is compromised by injury, the stakes grow impossibly higher. The rage that fuels his punches also chips away at his focus, and he risks losing everything he cares about.

He won’t let that happen. Not again.

Layla’s through with men. After a marriage that never should’ve happened, she hopes to reclaim the pieces of the woman she lost years ago.

Emotional abuse has left her insecure and terrified. A master at faking what she’s not feeling, she masks her self-doubt in false confidence.

She’ll never let another man hurt her. Not again.

Chased by shadows of the past, Blake and Layla know what they don’t want, but their hearts have a different plan. As a web of lies and betrayal threatens to destroy them, they’re forced to make a choice.

Is love enough to heal even the deepest wounds?
Or will they be left Fighting to Forgive?


The Romance Vault's Verdict - ♥♥♥♥♥ steriod pumping hearts!

That is it, J.B. Salsbury is now firmly planted in one of my top favourite author spots because by heck does she rock the written word!

I knew from Fighting for Flight I was surely going to be in for a good read but because there is always that inner pessimist that has you in doubt until it is proven wrong, well all I can say is that I was so pleased (yeah and relieved) when this did live up to what I was hoping for.

This is far more than just another 'MMA' muscle rippling, fighter filled book.  It has a good plot that is well connected and presented in such a way that from page one as your reading what's happening to Blake being dragged from his bed that you are quite simply hooked.  Surprisingly there is absolutely no fights (well not in a cage or arena as in tournaments) but I was more than happy reading the story happening and during the build up to his oncoming fight and didn't actually miss that no action happened like that.

There is so much more than emotional abuse going on during this book and the revelations as they are being revealed throughout the book are delivered brilliantly - I can't expand on that because there is no mention of what else this book contains in the synopsis but let's just say it's a shocker and what we learn about Layla's marriage is well something none of us would EVER want to experience.

Sadly there is one reveal that I didn't find lived up to the suspense being built around it and that is about his closed and locked door. It didn't pan out anywhere near what I was expecting, the build up to it and what's behind the door just falls a tad flat when we find out, but having said that the reason and the meaning behind the door was significant to his life but I was expecting I don't know, something sinister maybe, a shocker, a heart pounder - it didn't happen. There was no way though because of this I was knocking any stars off - this book had everything to sate my requirements of a NA modern day romance so it deserves the full monty of stars.

I think this would appeal to a wide range of readers from YA to middle aged if you want your fix of MMA fighters, a hunky male with an excessive use of bad language and a man whore, a low self esteem abused woman whose a single parent and let's not forget sexual situations galore, then your in for a right treat from page one.  If you're not liking the sound of any of that then maybe give this a miss but if any of it catches your eye, give this book a try, hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised.

If you loved REAL - Katy Evans then I think that you will fall in love with JB Salsbury's characters too.  This book is number 2 but can be read as a standalone but I would urge to read Fighting for Flight first just to get a feel for Raven and Jonah beforehand as they are a part of this book two as supporting cast, but it isn't detrimental if you haven't or don't want to.

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