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31/10/2013 16:14

Each book in this Series is a complete, stand-alone book and can be read in any order.
This is a sexy but tender escape. Jack Franklin is a well-respected man with a secret who has enjoyed the perfect hideaway in the tiny town of Nederland, about an hour outside of Denver. Over the years he has become adept at ignoring tourists who trek through this picturesque hamlet that is known for its 'live and let live' attitude.

What he wasn't counting on is Callie Weston invading his sanctuary. Running from her own demons, Callie takes refuge in her father's captivating cabin carved into the side of the mountain overlooking an enchanting body of water. Jack's world is tilted as their romance and passion deepen and the sparks that fly between them grow hotter. But the closer they draw to each other, the more their pasts converge to pull them apart. This is a quick reading, hot and steamy modern day romance.


The Romance Vault's Verdict: ♥♥ for the location

I am bouncing between a two star 'it's ok' and a three star 'I liked it' and if I am truly honest regarding some of their texting conversations and dialogue between Callie and Jack I could even drop this to a 1 star 'I don't like it.' Hence I am settling on two stars.

This book is a little frustrating because grammatically it's pretty near spot on but it's words like this that immediately spring to my mind after reading this: Twee, sweet, sickly Sweet, Hearts and Flowers, excessively sentimental, cute, quaint, dainty, cutesy, poetic, ..... getting the picture?

The front cover and the first line of the synopsis do indeed suggest a 'steamy' romance is about to be delivered but I have to say the excessive, peppered 'Oh Jack, Oh Sunni, Oh Sam, Oh Daddy' that fly from Callie's mouth at pretty much near everytime she has dialogue add to that the lyrical prose of the most romantic sentiments that are quite frankly too romantic, actually leaves the steam feeling a tad of a quick sizzle and a frazzled pop. The steamy parts in my mind are not able to compete with what comes across as the most articulated romantic man you've ever met. It's almost stick your fingers in your throat overly romantically lyrical, far too sweet and too waxing poetic. In other words humungously cheesy.

I also couldn't get my head around a 5'8" woman being called 'little one' that just didn't sit right. Callie is introduced as a strong, independant woman who just gone through hell and then after a short while became someone completely different woeful person. The same can be said of Jack, he's introduced as an arrogant arse, grumpy and short tempered and then not long he's spewing poetry and the most sickly sweet romance lines I've ever read.

The story is very predictable and what you think you know at the start is what pretty much happens and you are going to be right with your assumptions. Having said that though I don't mind books that are predictable, it's the road that's travelled that makes a book what is and I just found this too O.T.T. in the superficial sappy romance area.

The location is what sells this book, it was brilliantly descriptive of Nederland, Boulder etc, you almost felt you were there.

I really am in two minds if I want to read another book by this author, I may do just to compare if it is as cheesy, sappy and sugary romantic. I sure hope not.

This is probably one of those love/hate books, if you like sappy, over the top romance dialogue you'll love it. If like me this makes you squirm then pretty much your not going to like it very much.


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