That dreaded NEG button and Amazon reviews.

27/11/2013 12:32

So the day before yesterday I upped a review on Amazon UK for the wonderful new book by J.B. Salsbury - Fighting to Forgive and I have to say a was a little nervous leaving a review which also had the knock on effect of making me mad.




Well before my review there were 12 others, all of these 12 were 5* reviews, now that's cool for the book isn't it - to be 100% 5*'s!  Well you would think so but no, what tainted my view was that EVERY one of those review had been hit with negative feedback, someone had gone catatonic and decided whether the review was helpful or not they were absolutely not going to pass up hitting that NEG button - it's called campaign voting and it makes me mad!


It doesn't look good for the reviewers and it certainly doesn't look for the author to be messed with like this so I decided to bring it to Amazon's attention that was after of course my review got hit with a NEG too.  Amazon's initial response was robotic to say the least, the normal brush off and brush over, not taking into consideration what I was saying at all, so I automatically banged them off another email - I was so miffed with them!  Anyways, I also brought it to Jamie's attention and she has also contacted Amazon too so let's hope that both of us can get something done about the abuse of using the NEG button wrongly.


When I awoke this morning I was trawling through my emails and as I heard the gentle ping I received another new response from Amazon - and oh my this time they are going to take notice, they are going to look into the NEGS and keep an eye on this books reviews on it and funnily enough today it also it's 16th 5* review and of course it soon followed by receiving a NEG vote against it.


Watch this space if your interested in this and we'll see what happens in the next few days - fingers crossed Amazon jump on this and take down the account of the person abusing the system.  I can only hope!

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